Generous Spaciousness & the Invitation to Rest

Generous spaciousness is a posture that is needed more than ever.  In a world of instant communication where people can react and respond within seconds, perhaps without taking time for reflection or prayer and with the convenient protection of anonymity, harsh polemic is more often the norm than is generosity.  It is easy to be black and white, self-righteous, arrogantly certain, and loud with your judgments when you don’t have to put your name to your opinions.  When there is little to no chance of accountability, you can throw out statements without really thinking through how they might affect others.

Generous spaciousness invites a different kind of discipline.  It seeks to intentionally make room for the reality of multiple perspectives.  It seeks to extend the benefit of the doubt that different conclusions are held on the basis of convictions that have been thought through and prayerfully reflected upon.  This of course is not always the case.  Sometimes people hold opinions that they’ve never risked questioning or challenging.  But generous spaciousness