My daughter who just turned 14 came home all excited today.  She’d received a very good grade on a poem she wrote and when I read it, I said that it would be a great addition to our blog.  She seemed to like the idea of it being posted – so here it is:

Homo”phobia”~ by Renate Gritter
Phobia, what does it mean?
A fear, that’s at least what it seems to be
What is fear?  A thing that makes you scared
Well then what is homophobia?
The fear of homosexuals?
I think not.
I believe that it is so much more than that.
It’s question-ing love, it’s using wrath
It’s saying, “I can love him but you can’t love her”
“It’s saying I have power, I will conquer”
I think homo-phobia is not fear at all
It’s using “fear” as an excuse to build a wall
That threatens the free
That closes them out
That says, “I love all…..
but wait, not you …. you’re not the same as us”
Some have minds, that restrict,
that assume that there is a way that all must do things
that think every human must fit a criteria or they are weird
they are not wanted
they are “feared”.