What’s your Starting Point? Part 3

I have decided to take one of the papers that I wrote for my doctoral program and break it down into several parts for the blog.  I have tried to make it a bit more readable – but it will likely still feel a bit academic.  I hope, however, that it will cause people to think and start some robust conversations:

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A Trinitarian and Incarnational Foundation for Sexuality:



Unlike a creation order starting point that focuses on the complementary nature of male and female as the foundation for a theology of sexuality, Trinitarian theology is focused on the relational nature of the Godhead.  Existing in eternal, self-giving love, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit created the world out of the overflow of their love.  “Because God is an internal community within God’s very being, this collapses the usual difference between the self and the other (that is, otherness as being “external” to one’s self).  Thus, God consists of both the “self” and the other.”[1]  This love is described as perichoresis which is a profoundly intimate interpenetration of three persons.  Trinitarian theology provides a rich foundation from which to envision a radical love that dwells within the communion of persons.