What’s your Starting Point? Part 4

I have decided to take one of the papers that I wrote for my doctoral program and break it down into several parts for the blog.  I have tried to make it a bit more readable – but it will likely still feel a bit academic.  I hope, however, that it will cause people to think and start some robust conversations:

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Concluding Reflections:

Many Christians from both Catholic and Protestant traditions have inherited a theology of sexuality that is constructed from a creation order starting point.  The primary focus of such a starting point is the differentiation between male and female.  The concept of complementary persons coming together in one flesh union as part of the mystery of humans imaging God is an inherent core in this theological system.  Such an understanding is supported by reflection on the Genesis creation accounts, and as we see in “Theology of Body” strengthened by Jesus’ assertion of the implications of these narratives in his response to questions about divorce.  This theological understanding has served the church well through many generations where the dominant theological emphasis fit the experience of the majority of people.