"Torn" by Jason Lee

Review: Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from they Gays vs. Christians Debate

I was asked to write a review of Justin Lee’s book, Torn, for a Canadian Christian newspaper.

This particular paper is one that I used to read at my Pake and Beppe’s place (Friesian for grandparents) when I was growing up.  It particularly, but not solely, caters to people of Dutch and Reformed background.  It’s a paper that demonstrates the intellectual legacy of a group of Christian immigrants who built churches, Christian schools, and other social institutions such as a labour union, an office to pursue matters of social justice, and social service agencies for the disabled, unwed moms, those struggling with addictions etc.

The folks who read this paper will come from a variety of perspectives. Sometimes you find progressive thought in surprising places.  Sometimes you encounter a stronger conservatism than you might have expected.  But these are people who have a deep and strong faith.  People who want to honour Christ and build his Kingdom.  And with that in mind, and a strict word count, I offered this review of Justin’s book.  And, since you can’t access it without a subscription …. here it is: