Rob Bell

If I was Rob Bell …..

I received an email from a pastor today.  He is part of a group that I will be speaking to in a couple of weeks.  The email contained a video clip of Rob Bell and a British theologian named Andrew Wilson.  The pastor in the email admonishes the group to watch the video before my coming to speak to the group.

In the video clip, Andrew Wilson has a very clear position that same-sex sexual behavior is sinful.  He is trying to understand Rob Bell’s position.  It is clear that Wilson and Bell differ in their perspectives.  What comes across in the video, however, is that Wilson is articulate and clear – and Bell is murky and evasive.  And the end result is further polarity, further misunderstanding, further perpetuation of distinguishing true believers from heretics by using gay marriage as a litmus test for orthodoxy.

Reflections on the Generous Spaciousness Conference Retreat

It has already been a couple of weeks since our first Generous Spaciousness Conference Retreat – hard to believe how fast time goes.  I have been so busy with meetings and presentations that I haven’t had that much time to simply sit quietly and reflect.  But as Wes and I went through our lists of “celebrate” and “improve” it was really wonderful to see that all the things in the “improve” column were about behind the scenes administrative type details.  And all the things in the “celebrate” column were connected to our hopes and goals for the experience.  That is amazing – and I am humbled and grateful.