The Heresy of Restored Hope Network

Okay – so I had another frustrating go on Moody Radio and their “Up for Debate” program.  The first time I was on with Mario Bergner and it was super frustrating.  This was mainly due to the host favoring Mario so that I felt I had very little opportunity to respond to things he would say.  This time around was slightly less frustrating.  The other guest was Anne Paulk who has been hired as the Coordinator for Restored Hope Ministries.  RHM is the break-away group that left Exodus last year and maintain fundamentalist views about orientation change and the demands of obedience for people who experience same-sex attraction.  This time I didn’t get interrupted mid-sentence – but I was asked to speak first every time – which meant that Anne always got to respond to what I’d said – but I was not afforded the same opportunity.  This inevitably skews the conversation.

So, since I did not have the opportunity to say everything I wanted to say – and because I now feel that after this first-hand experience I can say some things in response to RHM – I figured this was the time to put some of my thoughts out there.