Quiet Faithfulness

First of all, let me say a big, “Congratulations!” to Sandy and to Wes who have worked so hard on our new website!  If you normally see these blog posts on “Bridging the Gap” then welcome to the brand, spanking, totally awesome, new New Direction website.  It is all super integrated and lovely – and now the blog is part of everything else here at www.newdirection.ca.  Since I’m basically technically inept, I am super grateful that the two whiz kids have done all the work behind the scenes and that apparently things will be easy to update, fix, and change in the future.

Now on to the post:

One of the realities of being a pioneer/risk-taker is that you get invited and then dis-invited.  Let me explain.  Back in the day, I was one of the first female preachers in my denomination.  That meant that I was often the first woman to come and preach in a given church.  But it also meant that there were plenty of times when I would be invited (often by someone who was in favour of women preachers who thought they could slide me in on a quiet summer Sunday morning) and then a few weeks later get a phone call with a stammering gentleman on the other end explaining that he pulled the short straw and had to let me know that I would not be able to preach for them after all.  I always felt sorry for the poor guy who had to disinvite me.  They usually felt worse than I did.