NALT and working for Justice

A new initiative launched yesterday called, “Not All Like That Christian Project”.  Modeled after the “It Gets Better” campaign, which I participated in years ago, NALT is intended to provide a platform for Christians to express their love and affirmation for LGBTQ people.   I shared it on my facebook page and will create and submit a video.  Along the way, a regular reader of this blog, Jarred, posted another article on facebook that raised some critiques about the initiative.  My basic take-away’s from that article were:

  • Don’t perpetuate a gap between LGBTQ people and Christian people by failing to draw attention to the reality of LGBTQ Christians.
  • Don’t launch an initiative addressing an issue of diversity with a group of majority status folks (white cis-gender men).
  • Talk without action is cheap.  People can post a video, feel good about how loving they are – and not really count the cost of actually doing in-the-trenches work for equity and justice.