Serving LGBTQ+ Youth

This past summer, my wife Beth and I packed everything we own into a uhaul van, loaded up an ipod with playlists and audiobooks, equipped the cab with a cooler full of snacks, and said goodbye to our friends and family in Vancouver before heading east across the country to start a new life in Toronto.  Having never spent significant time in Toronto, and leaving an incredible community of friends and family on the west coast, this move was one of the hardest decisions either Beth or I had ever had to make. But an opportunity was knocking that was impossible to ignore.

When I had left youth ministry in my denomination in order to marry the woman I love, I knew that someday I would work with teenagers again, but I had no idea when or in what capacity.  My education really only qualified me to pastor, and I had yet to feel at home in another denominational context.  Maybe I could care for youth as a school teacher or social worker, but either would require more schooling, and neither felt like quite the right fit for me.

In the wake of my coming out and attempts at sorting through my vocational options, both Beth and I were offered work with New Direction Ministries.  Even before deciding to take the jobs, we felt they were signs of hope that there was exciting work out there for us.