Why Arguing Isn’t Enough

The ministry of New Direction has positioned itself in the midst of the unenviable reality of differing Scriptural interpretations on the question of what faithful discipleship ought to look like for LGBTQ+ followers of Jesus.  The truth is, of course, that no one can be neutral in these conversations at the intersection of faith and sexuality.  A particular individual will hold one of three positions:  holding the belief that Christian marriage may only be between one man and one woman; or holding the belief that the grace of Christ and the Christian church may affirm marriage between two consenting same-sex oriented individuals; or being uncertain of which of the first two is most faithful to the Scriptures.  Now I realize that a lot of different experiences could be described other than these three categories – but I have used them for simplicity’s sake.  A community, because it is made up of many members, might find itself at a fourth position:  The response to the question is a disputable matter.  In this case, the community recognizes that in light of our limitations in the interpretive task, there may be more than one faithful way to interpret Scripture on a given controversial question.  Entire denominations have recognized this option in relation to topics like women in ministry.