Part 2: Responding to Evangelical Sermons on Homosexuality

Just like the insanely popular podcast “Serial”, this post is part of a series.  If you haven’t read the first post – this one will probably make a whole lot more sense if you take a few minutes to read Part 1.

The first theological proposition stated that because the Bible contains the exact words of God, the Bible has the same authority as God. This proposition presumes a dictatorial (ie. dictated by God) view of Scripture.  This is certainly one of the ways that some Christians understand how Scripture is God-breathed and inspired.  The question it raises for me is, “How then do we view Christians in other parts of the Body who do not hold to a dictatorial position?”  If the position of this preacher is based on this being the absolute, only way to understand Scripture and authority – which is how it seemed to be presented – then is every other follower of Jesus wrong? In error? Not submitting to God’s authority?  Let’s remember that the articulation of some of these ideas really only gained momentum in the 1970’s and 80’s by those who feared that historical criticism would unravel the faith. My question, “Is God so remote that only a dictated bible can connect us to his will?”  “Is Jesus not continuing to reveal God?”  “Where is the Holy Spirit?”  “And what do we do with the reality that there are such diverse perspectives on so many theological questions within the church?”