Part 3: Evangelical Sermons on Homosexuality

Welcome to a series in which I give my responses, from the perspective of generous spaciousness, to a sermon given in an evangelical mega-church.  Another pastor in the area asked me to respond to this particular sermon – and because it seemed like so many typical evangelical sermons that I hear seeking to address homosexuality, I thought it might be helpful to make these thoughts more widely available through the blog.  I would encourage you to read part 1 and part 2 before diving into this piece.

The preacher stated that he wanted to make four theological propositions, offer three exhortations to same-sex attracted people (his language), and two exhortations for family members and friends.  In this post we look at the second theological proposition.  It is one that we hear so often.  The bible is clear.  Period the end.  No conversation.  No questions.  No historical or cultural context to consider in any weighty manner.  No matter that the concept of homosexuality was completely foreign to any of the authors of Scripture at the time of writing.  Never mind that the idea of sexual orientation would not have been comprehended in the cultures and by the people that the Scriptures were originally intended for.  And yes, of course these things were not surprises or unknown to God.  But God spoke through particular people in particular times and in particular places.