Part 5: What about repentance?

This blog series is going through a particular, yet typical, evangelical sermon on homosexuality.  If you haven’t read the other parts, you may want to begin here.  This post responds to the last of four theological propositions that the preacher beings his sermon with.  These propositions may well be things that you have heard in church contexts – and they are propositions that I think many evangelicals simply don’t question.  My purpose is to raise questions from the perspective of generous spaciousness in the hopes that it will catalyze more conversation within our churches.

The first of the preacher’s theological propositions stated that because the Bible contains the exact words of God, the Bible has the same authority as God.  The second theological proposition was that the Bible is clear on sexual ethics.  The third theological proposition declared that “We’re all born that way.” And the fourth theological proposition proclaims that repentance is the mark of a true follower of Christ.

In this fourth proposition, the assumption in the sermon seems to be that such repentance for sexual minority persons is the relinquishment of same-sex sexual behaviour and ongoing commitment to sexual chastity.