Part 6: Sermonic Exhortations

After 5 posts responding to four theological propositions presented in an evangelical sermon on homosexuality, I now turn to the three exhortations given in the same sermon to sexual minority folks.  If you need to catch up, check here.

The preacher’s first exhortation was to “accept our apology for treating this as a super sin.”  And certainly a false hierarchy of sin has caused tremendous pain and alienation over the years.  But I can’t help but wonder if this simply sounds like “love the sinner, hate the sin” with a little bit of lace trim for LGBTQ+ folks. I wonder if the preacher, a white, heterosexual, married, well-educated, man is aware of the position of privilege he holds as he offers this exhortation.  I wonder if intentionally divesting one’s power and redistributing power might bear different fruit?  Do you think this apology might set a different tone: “Please accept our apology for not listening more carefully and with open hearts to the particularities of your experience and journey.  Will you give us a second chance and share your story?”