Part 8: Sufficiency

This series is already pretty long – but just in case you haven’t read it (and you happen to be fighting insomnia) you can start with first post here.

The third exhortation for sexual minority folks in this evangelical sermon on homosexuality was, “Jesus is enough for you.”

Of course.  God’s grace is sufficient for us.  And when we are weak we are strong.

Living a sustainable faith means that one has inevitably gone through the refining fire of finding our life and our identity as the Beloved of God.  It is stronger than our greatest strength, or the strength any of our family or friends can offer.  Many followers of Christ will have some story to tell of going through the wilderness and feeling that Jesus was all you had to cling on to.

It doesn’t mean, however, that all of followers of Jesus only find our needs met in Christ.  Now before anyone freaks out – let me explain what I mean.  In my last post I talked about all good gifts ultimately coming from God.  In that sense, it is God who meets our needs.  God does that through relationship, marriage, family, meaningful work, access to food and housing, mobility, education etc.  Christians very rarely go find a cave to live in relying only on the presence of Jesus to sustain us.  (Although let’s face it – it seemed to do pretty amazing things for Brennan Manning!)