Part 9: Exhortations to Family & Friends

This is the final installment in this 9 part series responding to a (typical) evangelical sermon on homosexuality.  If you would like to listen to the actual 58 minute sermon, feel free to email me through the staff page on the website and I’ll send you the link.  My purpose with this post was not to criticize this particular preacher – as I think the content of his sermon is pretty standard fare for many of the evangelical sermons I’ve heard on this subject over the years.  Rather, my focus has been to try to raise questions and experiences of sexual minority and LGBTQ+ people of faith to enlarge the space for conversations on these matters within the evangelical community.  After 13 years serving in this arena of ministry, I think there is more complexity and nuance now than I thought there was when I started.  And my prayer is that the church will have the humility, the commitment to hospitality, the investment in mutuality, and the persistence to pursue justice that will reveal the need to divest power and privilege so that truly all of God’s children can flourish in one family.  So ….. back to the sermon …..

The preacher finishes up his sermon with two exhortations for family members and friends.  In the first one, he says, “The way you treat your same-sex attracted loved one depends on what kind of same-sex attracted person they are.”  He goes on to describe three different types of same-sex attracted people:  the unrepentant unbeliever; the unrepentant professing believer; the repentant believer.