New Direction’s 2014 Top Ten

As the final days of 2014 wind down, I thought it would be apt to reflect with a top-ten list of experiences in the ministry of New Direction.  Here we go:

10.  Relevant Engagement: this is New Direction’s annual event, as much a friend-raiser as a fund-raiser.  In 2014 we held four events, the most ever, in Waterloo, Waterdown, Toronto, and Whitby and introduced a lot of new folks to the ministry.

9.  Art: has always been a vital part of New Direction’s message. We are well aware that the rhetoric at the intersection of faith and sexuality carries a lot of baggage.  We believe that art is essential to bring a redeemed imagination to this conversation.  In 2014 we welcomed new contributors to our awesome arts blog The Space BetweenAmy Hall was honoured with the John Franklin Art Award for her amazing original poem.  We commissioned Andrew Roblyer to prepare a theatrical performance piece for our annual event.  And Peter Reitsma gifted the ministry with an original piece, created in the desire to open new doors for justice in the church for LGBTQ+ people.