Chad’s Thoughts on the Generous Spaciousness Retreat

Earlier this month, 75 people attended our annual Generous Spaciousness Retreat.   Most were from southern Ontario, but some came from as far as Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, and New Brunswick!  We spent three days together at a conference center on a frozen lake, laughing, crying, eating, singing, praying, listening to each other’s stories, and watching God work in us and through us.

One of the retreat participants, Chad, had this to say about the experience…

“Last year’s retreat was life changing, so coming to this year’s retreat I knew the experience wouldn’t be quite the same.  This past year has been a whirlwind.  My partner and I are involved with two community groups in which we are using Generous Spaciousness as our model.  Wehave also been starting conversations with our church leadership about the LGBTQ community.  I’ve also had to deal with some difficult conversations with family.  This is hard stuff, and even in the week before this retreat, I was really starting to feel down and wanting to give up.