At Generous Space, our mission to pursue intersectional justice integrates an active commitment to accountable antiracism, decolonization, and anti-colonial praxis. We affirm that our differences strengthen our community and should enrich our work together. We support the self-determination and full sovereignty of Indigenous people. We dedicate ourselves to developing and supporting policies, practices, and postures that resist racial inequity and do the work of decolonization.


We recognize racism, colonialism, white supremacy as causes of ongoing, intergenerational, and systemic harm. Generous Space is dedicated to identifying, acknowledging, and correcting systemic racism and colonial dynamics within the organization. This ongoing work - to own and address our failings; to intentionally amplify marginalized voices; to equitably empower everyone; and to break down barriers to true flourishing - is born from our values of humility, hospitality, mutuality, and justice.


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