Our staff team, along with a few amazing and devoted volunteers, has compiled a list of books that we recommend for young readers. These books offer representation of LGBTQ+ characters and experiences, and within the Generous Space community we have found them to be helpful for youth who are in the midst of coming out, for queer parents of young children, and for cisgender, straight parents hoping to expose their children to stories featuring families that look different from their own.

Unfortunately as of yet, we are unaware of many resources like this that are coming explicitly from faith perspectives, but we hope to add more as this changes. These are all books that families and youth in our Generous Space communities have found helpful, though the contents may not always remain consistent with the views held by Generous Space Ministries. Generous Space Ministries has no control over, nor responsibility for the content or accuracy of the resources. For a downloadable version of this booklist click here.

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