Workshop #1: Nov. 14, 1:00PM (PST)

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Safe, Known and Precious:

Towards Wholeness in the Face of Loss and Disconnection

Heather Morgan

Life has a way of tossing us about, no matter how hard we might try to stay "safe". It leaves us feeling disconnected and feeds our sense of loneliness and shame. But what if that disconnection, loneliness and shame didn't have to be the end of the story? What if there were tangible and practical - as well as spiritually grounded - ways that we could reconnect with God, with ourselves and with each other? Join Heather Morgan to talk about how disconnection, attachment theory, and the Bible have relevance today as we seek to heal from the losses we experience in life and survive the particular disconnection and loneliness of COVID times.  


* This workshop will be recorded & captioned, and available for viewing later on.

Heather Morgan is a queer, disabled, autistic woman (she/her) who has spent the last 18 years thinking about and working in areas related to trauma - infant loss, sexual abuse, faith shifts, medical trauma and disability - as well as family dynamics including partnering and parenting, especially through traumatic experiences. She is a life coach and writes at Heather also serves as an Elder at Vox Alliance Church in Barrie, ON, where she lives with her genderqueer partner and two young adult offspring. She recently started working on her Master's of Divinity at Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto.  

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Narrative Creativity: Retelling our Queer Stories 

Joshua Kawase and Chelsea Gallant


As queer individuals, we have often had to limit, qualify, or avoid retelling our stories to feel safe. Particularly considering many of us were raised in faith environments where speaking our testimony was an essential part of community, this can be particularly stifling. Poetry, music, art, and creativity in general allow us to express our stories without the barriers we are used to. In this open-structure workshop, we will have the space to share our creative projects and the stories that inspired their creation, noting what our art has come to mean to us. Feel free to bring whatever work you feel comfortable sharing, or just come to enjoy hearing us tell our stories.  

Joshua Kawase is a gay, male, cisgender counselling student and singer/songwriter/producer based in Kansas City, MO, USA. His unique cultural experiences as a half-Japanese, half-German Mennonite man, his complex mental health issues, as well as his spiritual development in the nondenominational evangelical charismatic church all inform his therapeutic lens as well as inspire his writing. He is currently developing his first album, The Holy War, regarding queer trauma in the Christian church, as well as recording podcasts for his mental health talk show, The Trauma Sandwich, hopefully to be released within this next year.  


Chelsea Gallant has been part of the Generous Space family for a little over one year, and joins us from the beautiful red shores of Prince Edward Island. After transitioning out of 15 years of youth and music ministry, and finding her place in the LGBTQ2S+ community, Chelsea has found both music and creative writing to be an essential outlet for her healing and self-preservation. She loves to sing and to play the piano, and she is passionate about using her voice to share her story, with hopes that her transparency and vulnerability will inspire others to find and use their own voices.   

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LGBTQ2+ 101: Ask Us Anything
Mary Pepper & Becca Sawyer


This workshop is great for folks who are new to the LGBTQ2+ community or who feel like they're playing "catch up" when it comes to vocabulary, ideas or understanding of sexuality and gender, and queer culture. This includes straight/cisgender people who are looking to practice allyship and people who are just coming out or may be new to our GS community.


We'll explore together some of the identities found under the LGBTQ2+ umbrella, the differences between sexual orientation and gender identity, and then open the space up for your questions. We'll open a safe space to ask all sorts of questions in a low-barrier way; we'll assume your best intentions and will not shame you for "incorrect" language or mistaken assumptions. Bring your best question and we'll do our best to respond with love, honesty, and hopefully plenty of good humour!


Mary (she/her or they/them) lives in Toronto, ON with her wife Becca and their perpetually parched house plants. They identify as queer and genderqueer. Mary’s work is informed by activists and professionals she learns from through crowd-sourced learning on social media as well as through her diploma in Community Services and Addictions Work. Embodiment and fat liberation are on Mary’s mind a lot these days.  Mary is a self-proclaimed bad ass at doing self-care and happily calls themself an introvert. When she’s not doing boring adult stuff, Mary checks in on her Instagram-famous dog crew, takes walks along Toronto’s beaches, and makes good use of her Netflix subscription.

Becca (she/her) identifies as queer, and also calls herself an ambivert, an enneagram 2, and a humanitarian in the making. Becca is the Director of Community for Ontario at Generous Space Ministries. She loves to travel, play her ukulele (Cecilia), and hang out with her dog (Presley) and partner (Mary). You can find her quoting Gilmore Girls, sending Schitt's Creek GIFs, making up alternative lyrics to songs, and eating peanut butter cups on the regular.

                                      Workshop #2: Nov. 14th, 2:45pm (PST)

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Unpacking (& Debunking) Myths about Bisexuality

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

While people under the bisexual umbrella represent the largest segment of the LGBTQ2S+ community, there is a persistent pattern of erasure and misinformation around this identity. In this workshop we will explore some of the most prevalent, speak to their harm, and work to establish greater understanding.  

* This workshop will be recorded & captioned, and available for viewing later on.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci is one of the Directors of Community for Generous Space Ministries. He identifies as bisexual, pansexual, and queer. For more information about Jamie, see his GS bio here. 

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“This is Me - What is my Legacy?”

Lynda Brind-Dickson


What would you tell your younger self if you could go back and mentor them today? What legacy are you leaving for those who follow after you? No matter what generation you belong to, we all share a common history of marginalization and oppression due to our self-preservation of otherness. Our unique intergenerational perspectives and legacy as queer people combine to form a story that needs to be heard by self and others, one that is held within God’s inclusive creation story. Come explore (and potentially share) your legacy of hope and transformation as part of a loving intergenerational GS family!


Lynda has a dual B.A. in Adult Education and Philosophy, with a focus on the intersection of gender/violence and religion. Lynda is an approved candidate for Ministry in the United Church. She will complete her Masters in Public & Pastoral Leadership from The Vancouver School of Theology at UBC, Spring 2021. Lynda identifies as a Queer Theologian, a Missiologist, a Kite Flyer & Landscape Painter, and an active member of the body of Christ in the world.

Fall Virtual Retreat

Jonah & the Ninevites: Why Deconstructing Faith Matters

Pieter Niemeyer

The story of Jonah is often sold short as a whale of a story. However, it’s message is a surprising venture of the importance of deconstructing faith. Let’s unpack this story together and see how we might see ourselves in this fish tale.

Pieter has been part of the GS family for about 7 years and worked as a Mennonite pastor for 18 years. The important work of deconstructing faith has been a vital spiritual journey for Pieter and sees it as an essential part of spiritual development. Pieter currently works in social justice initiatives with the Jesuits.

* This workshop will be recorded & captioned, and available for viewing later on.

                                        Workshop #3: Nov. 15th, 10:45am (PST)

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Fall Virtual Retreat Workshop-Shylo_Beth
Fall Virtual Retreat Workshop-Anna1.png

The Zine Scene: Low pressure adventures in self-expression!

Sam Cheng

Urban Dictionary (oh yes) defines a zine (ZEEN; short for magazine or fanzine) as "some sort of publication, usually mass-produced by photocopying (in some cases, scanned, put on the 'net, or copied via fax) on any range of topics, but usually filled with passion. a means of telling one's story, sharing thoughts, and/or artwork/comics/doodles." Learn how to make a simple zine from a piece of paper! We'll play around with loosening up (in attempts to encourage embracing imperfections and avoid paralyzing perfectionism), and then spend some time splashing around in the flow of creating. You're welcome to work on your own thing, or on a contributing page or spread (or a few!) for a collaborative GS "Seeds in the Ground"-themed zine!

Supplies needed: paper (8.5x11 if you've got that to work with), scissors, and then whatever you'd like to make some marks with (pen, pencil, pencil crayons, crayons, markers, paint, nail polish, stickers, glue, string, feathers, leaves, stamps, sequins, magazines, photos, infinite possibilities...)

Sam has made one whole zine - there are two copies out in the world, and it's kind of a secret. She is Chinese-Canadian, by way of the Philippines, and was born and raised in Vancouver, on the unceded territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-waututh) nations. She works as a counsellor, serving folks who may be navigating life transitions, experiencing grief and loss, or exploring questions of meaning and identity in her private practice, Replenish Counselling. With a passion for social justice, rooted in a collaborative approach, she sees her work as an opportunity to join with others on their journey to discover all that they already are, and to further support them to become who they would like to be. She loves dancing, painting, and finding magic in everyday encounters with the world. Samantha identifies as bi/pan/queer, and isn't sure how to make that less of a mouthful. She's (impatiently) learning a lot about patience these days, including waiting on a hypothetical pup who could be home by Spring!

Queering Genesis

Shylo Rosborough & Beth Carlson-Malena


The book of Genesis has long been a source of arguments against the acceptance of LGTBQ2S+ people and their marriages, leading some queer Christians to avoid it entirely. Yet Beth and Shy have found that returning to Genesis and reading it in the context of the whole scriptural narrative can actually foster queer self-acceptance and reveal fresh insights. In this workshop, Shy will examine the creation stories through a transgender lens, and Beth will unpack a "kinship perspective" on sexuality based on the story of Adam & Eve. They'll also touch on some queer themes that run through the rest of the book of Genesis, and discuss the genres and relative weight this book might carry in our larger theology.


Shylo Rosborough, after coming out as transgender, chose to follow his passion for the bible. He is now the Affirming Ministries Coordinator of Edmonton and his role is to help congregations become affirming while providing programming, support, resources and pastoral care to LGBTQ2S+ and allies on their spiritual journey. Shylo has received a certificate in Biblical Studies and Christian Discipleship and had recently graduated from The Kings University with a double major in Sociology and Theology. Shylo has been active in both the LGBTQ and Christian communities supporting and advocating for the full inclusion of LGBTQ people within the Church. With his academic knowledge and personal experience, he hopes that he can spread awareness and teach on the intersections of gender, sexuality, and faith.  

Beth Carlson-Malena identifies as gay/queer and lives with her wife Danice in Vancouver, BC. She is on staff with Generous Space as one of the Directors of Community - you can read her longer bio here.

* This workshop will be recorded & captioned, and available for viewing later on.

Queer+ Healthcare

Anna Redekop

The healthcare system can be a scary thing to navigate as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. In this workshop, we will aim to answer your questions about health, including topics such as how to come out to your doctor, STIs, PreP, hormones, filing complaints, and a whole host of resources you and your doctor can use! Hopefully after this workshop, you’ll feel a bit more comfortable accessing services and a lot more knowledgeable about your own health.  

Anna (she/her) is a newly certified family physician in small-town northern Saskatchewan and identifies as a bi/queer cis woman. In her spare time, she enjoys landscape photography, playing guitar, drinking tea, kayaking, and obsessing over the newest Brandon Sanderson novel. She lives with her dog, Watson, in Meadow Lake, SK.

* This workshop will be recorded & captioned, and available for viewing later on.

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