All are welcome to join us for our ??? annual

East Coast Generous Space Retreat!

July 17-19, 2020
Friday to Sunday

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Why should you come?


The Generous Space Retreat is a place where LGBTQ+ Christians don’t have to choose between expressing their faith OR expressing their sexuality/gender identity – they can be fully themselves and find others who understand and relate to their journey. It’s a place where straight/cisgender family members, pastors, and friends can join them in listening, worshiping, and learning.

Last year, we had ??? people attend the West Coast retreat from across the province, across Canada, and some from the USA. This year, we’d love for you to join us too! Come and encounter Christian community with a generous heart and a listening, humble posture. Come to experience God’s outrageous love and grace. Everyone is welcome to join us, no matter your sexuality, your gender identity, your convictions, interpretations of scripture, or theology. As one of our participants said, “I never expected going somewhere for the first time would feel like coming home after the longest day.”

Where is it?


?????? (Find more information about carpooling and ride-sharing on the FAQ page.)

What can I expect?

Generous Space retreats are really a cross between a retreat and a conference… they’re more intimate than a conference, but more scheduled than a retreat. For those who like to keep busy with things to do, we’ll have plenty of activities, opportunities to learn, and chances to get to know people. For those who really need to rest and “retreat,” there is plenty of permission to opt in or opt out of any of the scheduled events according to your own needs, energy levels, and comfort levels with spiritual practices and conversations. Here are some things we are planning that you can choose to participate in…

Community Groups… a chance to connect regularly with the same small, diverse group of people in facilitated conversation times throughout the weekend.

Panels & Interviews… where you can hear from people across the LGBTQ+ spectrum, as well as parents and allies, and broaden your knowledge of the community.

Worship… reflecting multiple worship styles and different spiritual practices.

Workshops… for participating in discussions on a variety of topics related to faith, sexuality, gender, creativity, community, and healing. See a full list of workshops here!

Affinity Meals… where you can meet people with similar journeys, interests, or concerns as you.

Evening hangout Times… for catching up with old friends and meeting new ones… organized activities may include campfires, dance parties and fishbowl conversations.

Free Time… to reconnect with God, take a nap, hang out with new and old friends, process what you’re learning, play games, visit the Peterborough Zoo, or walk along the beautiful river.

a provisional schedule can be found here!




  • ????????

  • ????????

  • ????????

and more! Visit this page for full descriptions of workshops and bios of facilitators

How much does it cost?

The cost is $??? per person for three nights in either a private or a shared room, including 9 meals.


If you require financial assistance to enable you to attend, we do have some scholarships available, including a few scholarships set aside for first-time attendees; don’t hesitate – please apply here ASAP.

Do you have any further questions about the retreat – like…

  • “What’s all this “generous space” stuff all about?”

  • “What about rides?”

  • “What if I’m not fully “out” yet?”

  • “What if I’m straight/cisgender – am I welcome?”

  • “Is it okay to come if I’m not sure how I feel about church or faith?”


If so, check our FAQ page!  If your question isn’t covered there, feel free to email Becca at becca[at]generousspace.ca.


Generous Space Scholarship Fund


Your gift will allow us to offer scholarships to LGBTQ+ community members who are unable to cover the whole cost of our Generous Space Retreats. Thanks for helping us to make our events more financially accessible! Donate now!

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