10,000 Dresses


10,000 Dresses

Written by Marcus Ewert

Illustrated by Rex Ray

32 pages

10,000 Dresses is a story of a transgender child:  who was born a boy but now identifies as a girl. Every night Bailey dreams of beautiful magical dresses. Sadly, when she wakes up full of excitement to tell her family about them, she is only met with “You’re a BOY!… You shouldn’t be thinking about dresses.” Bailey is crushed and confused. Only when she meets Laurel, does she get to make the dresses she has been dreaming of and become the girl she wants to be.

This is a tender story of acceptance, difference and gender identity. 10,000 Dresses provides a great opportunity to start discussions about social expectation, gender stereotyping, and gender identity.

We recommend this picture-book about gender, identity, and self-acceptance for children ages 5-9

Note: This review first appeared in the April, 2016 issue of the Christian Educators Journal (www.cejonline.com. It is republished here with permission of the CEJ.


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