A Love Letter to Friendship & the Fruits of the Spirit

Edna Bovas is a guest contributor to the Generous Space blog. They are currently serving as our Canada Summer Job’s student and are assisting with summer events and communications including the 2018 Generous Space CampOUT

What we assumed was the Big Dipper, and the lingering moon lent us their pale light. All remnants of the campfire, including the raucous singing of fellow retreaters, had left us. Only the guitar that accompanied us earlier, the circle of stones that listened to our music, and the picnic table that now carried our weight remained. The dandelions gently squished under our feet as we competed; who could do the most pushups and do the worm on the grass that streaked our palms and tickled our chins? Who could do the most pullups using on that old gnarled branch and jump off its hunched over trunk? Who could abandon themselves to the hills and roll down its slopes?

We taught each other to sing Titanium and dance bachata;