Agreeing with someone I disagree with

I am deeply saddened by the turmoil of my brothers and sisters in the Anglican Church worldwide. And I am grieved that to the public, homosexuality seems to be the ‘hot button’.

I read an article today about gay bishop Gene Robinson. This past Sunday, Gene delivered a sermon in St. Mary’s in London. It appears that he didn’t even get through his first sentence before a heckler stood up to call him a heretic. Shouting, “Repent heretic”, the man was led out of the church while the congregation sang a hymn. The article said, “A shaken Robinson called on worshippers to ‘pray for that man’ before asking aloud if a church offering ‘the bread of anxiety rather than the bread of life’ is more likely to draw souls through its doors.”

I agree.

Gene Robinson and I have a different position on sexual ethics. He and I look at Scripture differently. On some important realities, Gene and I disagree.

But when Gene says, “I think God wants us to be bold…. to take risks. I don’t think God wants us to be afraid.” I have to say, I agree.

And when Gene says that the question of homosexuality has been ‘elevated way above its place’ in a world shot through with hunger and suffering, I have to say, I agree.

And when the Toronto Star, in their analysis says, “But fear and hostility are certain to figure prominently as the gulf between Anglican conservatives and liberals widens at Lambeth”, I have to say that I grieve.

This is what the world sees. Fear. Hostility. Anger. Robinson has received ‘credible death threats’. This ought not to be. Whatever happened to, “And they’ll know we are Christians by our love”?


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