Art Friday ~ Celibacy

This week’s Art Friday post is a poem written by Chris Ong, who participates in a few of our Ontario Generous Space groups. Here’s what he has to say about this poem:

Back when I first started to tell people that I was celibate, I got a lot of ‘interesting’ responses. Not many people understood why I was taking this path. This was something I wrote approximately 2 years ago to vent about how I was misunderstood and about how sometimes celibacy can be hard when there is a lack of support or committed friendship.  I share my poetry over at my blog:


by Chris Ong


Does it mean immaturity? A wild dog running far and free, never to be tied down by anything, or anyone.

Does it mean giving up? A ship returning home from another failed expedition torn sails and a breathless crew unable to catch a second wind.

Does it mean a low libido? A broken water heater that’s never been hot and bothered because all it can give are cold showers.

No, I am not a dog, a tired ship, or a broken heater

I am human

but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way

sometimes celibacy is like a spare tire always tagging along but never quite needed A perfect third,fifth, or seventh wheel playing the odd one out to smooth things over when someone goes flat. a temporary solution, not quite the right fit but good enough to drive on until you can get a replacement.

yes, sometimes celibacy is like a buoy anchored but never to find a harbour, always swaying with the tides, trying to keep my head above the water as friends pass me by like ships in the night a life filled with beautiful if not fleeting encounters that I am all the more thankful for during my darkest nights Although ships may wander, Oh how I long to know the places you will go and things you will see. because I grew up hearing nothing but fairy tales so I only learned how to live someone else’s story and I don’t quite know how to live as a single person.

Sometimes celibacy is like a pair of blistered hands Damaged from always being the willing fool. Ready to catch any sparks that fly between good friends knowing that sparks will always remain sparks knowing that I will always love you from afar knowing that all I will ever get is burnt out. but I hold my hands out proud any ways ready to catch any glimmer of light that comes falling down. ready to love those who need it.


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