Art Friday ~ God’s Silence of Solidarity. A prayer.

Our Art Friday post today is from a member of our Toronto Generous Space Group named Rob Walker.  Here’s what Rob has to say about himself and about his poem:

I’ve known Jesus since I was five years old. I’m a cisgender gay guy with cerebral palsy, a theology geek, and a writer. I want to preach, write, and be a scholar when I grow up. I geek out Star Trek, Glee, and Pentatonix a lot! I wrote a slightly different version of this prayer for a service remember the Pulse shooting in Orlando, FL. The service was hosted by MCC Toronto, a congregation with 85% LGBTQ+ folks. I am surprised by how hard the massacre has hit me and my loved ones, and by how hard I want to be my open, defiant, and fabulous queer self as I seek to follow Jesus. I blog at

God’s Silence of Solidarity. A prayer.

by Rob Walker



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