Beautiful Music for Ugly Children


Beautiful Music for Ugly Children

Kirsten Cronn-Mills

Gabe is a trans man in his last year of High School who finds a place on a Community Radio show to live out his true identity, or “play his B-side” as the teenage boy he is on the inside. The story has a tendency to focus on the extremes of the trans experience, but aside from that, the character of Gabe feels like a real teenager who is easy to fall in love with. Music fans might especially appreciate the multiple metaphors, references, and playlists that bring an extra layer to Gabe’s story as he works to make his dreams come true, learns from his radio mentor, John, comes out to his family, is unwillingly outed, and tries to express his feelings for his best friend, Paige.

Winner of the Stonewall Book Award, Cronn-Mills offers us a character who is not only a believable trans man, but one who is a positive, lovable role model.


#GenderIdentity #LoveStory #Comingofage #Foryouthyoungadults #Transgender #Gender #Ages12 #Bullying

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