Cambodia ~ connection to the larger vision

I wanted to take a bit of time for reflection before posting some final thoughts on the Cambodia experience. It has been so interesting to me how God interweaves experiences and conversations together to help us grasp some of the bigger picture. I’m grateful to those who have listened and reflected with me.

I went to Cambodia primarily to do some very specific site visits. In seeking to develop partnerships for our JustUs Community social justice initiative I wanted to be sure that I thorough understood the mission, philosophy and work of the agencies that JustUs will be promoting to our network of friends and contacts. It was my desire that these partner agencies would pique the interest of folks in our networks – but I wasn’t seeking agencies that only focused on LGBT matters. The whole point of JustUs is to create a forum for people to join with others in the pursuit of justice for those beyond themselves. JustUs is about sharing our humanity together to better the wellbeing of others. It isn’t meant to be about our sexuality. It is a place where gay, straight or trans, people can simply come together and share their passion for a better world by supporting through finances, advocacy and prayer, the practical grassroots work of those in particularly difficult and oppressive environments.