Colouring Outside the Lines – guest post by Alicia Buhler

Today we have the opportunity to highlight a story that is even more “outside the box” than usual – and that’s saying something when it comes to our community!  Alicia and Carrie are celibate, but they’re also covenanted life partners.  In this beautiful piece, Alicia describes their journey together so far.

Colouring Outside the Lines – by Alicia Buhler

I have always thought of myself as a conformer. However, as a cisgender woman who leans more towards the straight end of the orientation spectrum and celibate who is covenanted to a woman, I find myself colouring outside of both the straight and the LGBT lines. In the absence of a tidy box or concise label, the queer identity with its fluid boundaries and generous welcome of non-conformers is gradually feeling more and more familiar.

Carrie and Alicia in front of their home.