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An image with a drawing of a book with a leafy vine emerging from it, and a quote from Michiko's podcast: "God's grace unfolds in our lives in our willingness to be humble and vulnerable. And the Spirit moves us to be prophetic and countercultural and revolutionary."

Today’s blog post is going to be a little different, as I (Michiko) wanted to share with you something special that I was a part of recently: an episode of the Evolving Faith podcast! I would not be surprised if many of you were already acquainted with Evolving Faith, a community that “exists to cultivate love and hope in the wilderness, pointing fellow wanderers and misfits to God as we embody resurrection for the sake of the world.”

When Evolving Faith set about to transform recordings from their first annual conference into the first season of their podcast, they realized that the voices of trans and/or non-binary people had been absent from their 2018 event. This episode was an opportunity to make space for these voices, and I am glad to have received my belated invitation to join some pretty incredible company. In this podcast, I share from a more personal place about my own struggle trying to belong authentically to myself, while also living out my belief that we all deserve to experience belonging wherever we show up. Click here to listen to the episode!

As someone who is often asked to be a singular “trans” voice, it was really wonderful to have the company of Rev. Dr. Christina Beardsley and Austen Hartke. You might recognize Austen from the wisdom he shared in Generous Space’s film, Belonging in the Body: Transgender Journeys of Faith. You can watch the trailer by clicking on the embedded video, and purchase a digital copy here.

And if you enjoy the exacting and thoughtful questions and comments of co-host Jeff Chu, I have some more great news for you... Jeff will be joining Generous Space for the Fall Virtual Retreat as one of our guest speakers. You can learn more about the Fall Retreat by clicking here.

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