Faith & Freedom from Blindness


John 9:35-41


We’ve been reflecting on the story of Jesus healing a man born blind.  And we’ve seen several ways that Jesus reveals the blindness of those around him.  First of all, the disciples are blind when they focus on placing blame rather than seeking the meaning of the man’s dilemma.  Then we see the blindness of the religious leaders when they allow their fear of breaking a strict code cause them to want to control the very outbreak of God’s loving power.  We have seen that Jesus is calling people to a radical trust that relinquishes not only fear and control but pride and perhaps some of our certainty too.  Jesus doesn’t promise that we will have the answer to every question.  But he does invite us to cultivate his presence so that we can be surprised by the ways he reveals himself to us.

God is not stingy in showing himself to us.  But we need to have eyes to see.

We need to worry less about placing blame – and focus more on looking for the ways God is revealing his presence.

We need to worry less about making sure everyone is following our understanding of the “do’s & don’ts” of the Christian life – and trust that God will be our guide.

We need to worry less about having the black and white answer to everything – and allow God to show up in unexpected ways.

We need to let go of our own blindness – so that we can really faithfully see.

Jesus invites the man who was born blind to see the opportunity for real faith through relationship with Jesus.  Relationship doesn’t blame.  It doesn’t control.  It doesn’t just follow a set of rules.  It is a real journey of coming to fully see one another.


O God who sees us.

Thank you for showing yourself to us in this story.  It is hard to realize how blind we can be.  But we pray for the courage and faith to trust you and really see you.

Through Jesus, who restores our sight.  Amen.

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