Fridays of Advent: Reflections on Longing 1


Advent is a season of longing.  This year, I have chosen to share reflections on the Fridays in Advent. It seems to me that mixing the day of the week we might more associate with Lent and our Holy Week celebrations with the waiting of Advent is apt. Our Advent longing this season, if we are at all attuned to the daily experiences of exclusion and rejection that flood our news feeds, is tinged with the crucifixion.


The Incarnation is the culmination of longing.

Our relational God created out of the overflow of self-emptying love. A beautifully diverse creation to love and, in particular, human beings made in the image of this mutual giving and receiving enjoyed by Father, Son, and Spirit.

Such participation can only come by invitation. Compulsion and expectation never cultivate this kind of love. And so creation came with freedom.

And from the moment of the dream of creation came the reality of Incarnation. A free invitation into self-emptying, mutually honouring love would need to modeled, demonstrated …. embodied.

The Incarnation is culmination of longing.

Longing for full participation in all that was intended to be shared.  Longing to break the shame and the separation. Longing for reconciliation.

Do you dare to long for more?

Do you dare to enter full participation…. the Trinitarian dance of love?

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