Fridays of Advent: Reflections on Longing 3


video of ducklings being saved from a storm drain garners over 2 million views. We’re desperate for signs of compassion, of people caring, of things getting set right.

The Christmas season holds out the promise of bringing out this birthright in humanity. The season of giving.

The cynical among us sees the tarnish on the glitter.  The stress, the people pleasing, the credit card debt, the keeping-up-with-the-Jones’s.

But what about this longing for justice?  What does this season of Advent call us to?

Incarnation is the culmination of longing.

Incarnation is the setting aside of privilege and power.  Incarnation is becoming one with the other.

The longing for justice is best expressed in relationship.  How do we make things right? Cultivate relationship with the one who is suffering, the one who experiences unfair barriers to their flourishing.

How can you come more fully alive to the longing for justice?

What relationships can you nurture that will participate in setting things right?

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