Friendship Panel – Ontario Generous Space Retreat 2018

The theme for our 2018 spring retreat in Ontario was friendship. In a world of online connection with hundreds of “friends”, many of us are searching for deeper meaning and experience in our relationships. LGBTQ+ folks, often out of necessity, have both challenged assumptions and reimagined the potential of friendship and/or chosen family. This may be especially true in the context of many church cultures where nuclear families tend to be prioritized over other kinds of relationships.

The video below captures the reflections and wisdom of LGBTQ+ Christians on these questions:

  1. How did coming out impact your friendships?

  2. What have you learned about friendship since coming out?

  3. What are some of the practical ways your friends have become chosen family for you?

  4. What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered in navigating friendship with straight Christians?

  5. What do you wish the church community would rediscover/reimagine about the significance of friendship?

  6. How have you grown in the virtue of being a good friend?

  7. How do you think we can practice a deeper culture of friendship in the Generous Space community?

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