Generous Space & Mixed Orientation Marriage

Recently a very poignant blog post was shared by the poster couple for mixed orientation marriages after a viral post five years ago. This recent post announces their intention to divorce. The post is long, but worth the read. On social media, it has elicited all kinds of opinions and responses.

In the Generous Space community, we have beloved family members who are navigating mixed orientation marriages or being queerly covenanted in a variety of ways. One simple sentence doesn’t begin to articulate the tender, vulnerable, deeply intimate, and personal realities that our friends are experiencing. In our online groups, I see both the care and the sensitivity that arises when this topic is discussed. I see people both speaking their truth from their experience and trying to make room for others to forge their unique path and own their own experience. The longing for authenticity, to flourish, and to embrace and celebrate deep self-acceptance is challenging enough for oneself, more complicated when involving a spouse, and very complex when dealing with different couples in different places in their journeys. It feels like messy, painful, yet beautiful efforts to be family together.

In the Generous Space community, there is freedom to be where you are and to have your best efforts to discern wisely respected and heard.

Clearly, we want to be supportive and encouraging of each other. But how do we best do this when our paths seem to be headed in different directions?