Guest Post: uncertain spaces by Rob Goetze

As a kid, I used to love dot to dot worksheets.  There was always a great sense of satisfaction when I reached the last few dots and I could tell that I’d gotten it all correct because the picture of the dog emerged without any weird shaped ears. There are times in all of our journeys when we are in the midst of connecting the dots, and we don’t quite know what will emerge.  That’s why having the opportunity to look back and see how everything fit together can be so gratifying.  As Christians we recite texts like, “God works everything together for good” but it means a lot more when we actually see evidence of it.

Our guest contributor is a dot in my journey.  He is the one who picked out my resume and recommended me to the board of directors at New Direction.  Rob was interim director and was my first colleague at New Direction.  Our contact was limited after he moved his growing family out west and his busy schedule precluded him from much involvement with New Direction.  As more and more changed about New Direction: critiquing change efforts, leaving Exodus, developing Generous Space, I often wondered how Rob would feel about all of this.  To my relief, Rob had been tracking – and was encouraging of the new direction of New Direction.  Back-in-the-day Rob got New Direction online and wrote a lot of the original content.  It is great to welcome him back with this post on our current blog – thanks Rob!!

uncertain spaces

Imagine your colleague tells you that Human Resources wants to see you right away. If you have no idea as to why, there is uncertainty ahead – perhaps combined with some anxiety or fear — until you