Happy and Healthy?

Someone recently asked me about the outcomes of the various options in front of same-gender attracted people who are seeking to integrate their experience of faith with their sexual identity.

Essentially, I see these potential options in front of people. (If you can think of additional options – by all means I’d be intrigued to hear your thoughts)

• Live as though you didn’t experience same-gender attraction (ie. denial).

• Explore and potentially experience fluidity in your sexual attractions.

• Commit to live a single and celibate life in full recognition of the reality of the persistence of your same-gender attraction.

• Live in intentional community as a single person with honesty and authenticity about your sexual identity.

• Be a partner in a mixed-orientation marriage where there is genuine love and attraction, full disclosure, honest ongoing dialogue, commitment to serving and being faithful to one another and to your shared values and goals.

• Be a companion in a committed friendship (also known as covenantal friendships) that has boundaries and commitments to be non-sexual.

• Be open to building a relationship with a same-sex partner but maintain sexual chastity during your time of singleness.

• Be a partner in a covenanted same-sex relationship and/or marriage.