Happy Anniversary BTG

Okay – so I’m not very good with dates or directions (seriously, what is it with me getting lost for every party Mark throws?)….. anyway…. Apparently, last week was the one year anniversary of this blog and I totally missed it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having such diverse readers engage this forum. I value the conversations that have emerged and the ways that we can all learn and grow from one another’s often thoughtful comments. And while this blog seeks to be unapologetically Christ-centered, I have particularly appreciated those who do not identify as Christian engaging our conversations ….. might you continue to find a safe place of respect and welcome. We need to hear your voices – especially given how easy it is for followers of Jesus to live in their own little bubble.

For those of you who like statistics: We’ve had 4,603 folks from 83 countries visit 9,542 times. Our 65+ posts have been commented on nearly 500 times. The video clips we’ve been posting of the DVD have been viewed 4,726 times.

The two posts that drew the most attention this past year were: Brian’s post addressing Word of Faith criticism of his journey. Wendy’s post on whether we continue to Offer Hope.

It would seem that when we stand up and defend ourselves against our detractors we draw the most attention.

So what have we learned in the last year?

There are plenty of people who want answers. Clear answers. They don’t like feeling confused or unsure.

Our response? Join the club….. of living in some uncertainty that is.

What we’ve learned in the last year is to resist the request, or in some cases demand, for black and white answers. I hope we’re learning to ask more questions ….to be present in that generous spaciousness where it is ok to ask tough questions, where it is ok to have doubts, where it is ok to be frustrated with the complexities and seemingly unanswerable questions….. and where the focus is on relating to one another and relating to God.

This can be so threatening. For those of us who’ve grown up in a Christianity that told us we had absolute access to absolute truth with absolute certainty – any deconstruction of that is big-time anxiety producing. For those who have taken some risks to ask different questions …. the incredible discovery is that God is so much bigger than our limited absolutes. And for those who seek and ask and knock and search …. God is right there in the midst of it all.

I hope this blog will be a catalyst to cause people to think deeply, pray much, lead with a humble and listening posture. I hope we can continue to expose some of the ugly motivations that live in all of our hearts: our fear, our anger, our judgments, our assumptions and presumptions. I hope we can do our small part in addressing the systemic inequities that are inconsistent with God’s love for and image in each human being.

So thanks for joining us in these conversations. Thanks for the times you agreed and thanks for the times you’ve disagreed. Thanks for the encouragement many of you have shared. Thanks for your prayers. And thanks for risking to engage in the midst of the tensions of some uncertainty as we press forward together to see God and our common humanity past the divides that the intersection of faith and sexuality can inevitably create.



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