Happy Families


Happy Families

Tanita S. Davis

Teenage twins Ysabel and Justin are both given a chance to tell their stories as they process and come to terms with their father’s coming out as a trans-woman. Not only is this a rare depiction of queer parenthood in youth/YA fiction, it is sensitive written with a wide range of readers in mind. In addition to tackling a unique theme, it does so with an African-American family at the forefront of the narrative, bringing two communities together in a medium that would often prefer they not overlap. I also so appreciate that this is a family who goes to church, but that the brunt of their difficulties is not actually caused by their church community, offering a fresh (though perhaps uncommon) experience of what it could be like for folks to come out in this environment.

This book does indeed try to tackle a lot, but Davis manages to make it both accessible and appropriate for anyone over the age of 10. I think that this would make an especially good book to read and spark conversations within any kind of family about gender, secrets, and acceptance.


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