How NOT to be a good neighbour….

Ok…. so we got this email today through one of our other websites:

“I am a concerned nieghbor of a lesbian couple and wish to send them some info on how to become a christian and distance themselves from there unGodly life style they are currently leading. They are very unhappy people and we believe as a nieghborhood it is because of the homosexuality and no life with Christ. I dont want to push this on them but I would like you to send them some info about how you could help them.”

Helpful tips for this concerned neighbour:

1. Find ways to connect with and serve your neighbours – mow their grass, bring them cookies, invite them for dinner

2. Be a listening ear – resist telling them what you think, instead, be a listening presence – you might be surprised by what you hear

3. Pray

In case anyone wonders why we think it is important to stimulate humble, discerning, incarnational conversations with Christians on how to befriend our gay neighbours …. this email is a pretty good indication of the need.


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