How Would You Feel?

How would you feel if I told you that a country was passing a law that would severely restrict the rights and freedoms of Christians? That the government of a country, which was entirely controlled by followers of another religion had decided to band together and do something about the “Christian threat”? What if they published the names of people they suspected to be Christians in the newspaper, and encouraged the public to harm them or refuse to associate with them? What if they passed a law so that if you were caught practicing your faith in your own home you could be thrown in jail for 7 years? What if they made it a law that if your neighbour found out you were a Christian they were forced to report it to the police or face 3 years in prison themselves? What if that law had a provision in it that if you were caught multiple times you could be put to death?

How would you feel? Angry? Sad? Would you be motivated to do something about it? Would you ask your member of parliament or senator to approve sanctions against the country treating your Christian brothers and sisters in such a way? What would you do?

Now stop. Because it IS really happening right now. In Uganda.

But there is one difference, which is why you probably haven’t heard about it. You see in Uganda this very scenario is being played out, except the people in power are Christians, and the laws are being made against gay people.

Does that change things for you? If so why?

You see, no matter what you think about what scripture says about homosexuality, we should all be able to agree on one of the most basic teachings in Scripture: the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So here is the question: Would you want to be treated the way gay people are treated in Uganda? Would you want your government to treat you the way they are treated because your religion believed something different from theirs?

If we take Scripture seriously, then we as Christians have no right to treat those who do not share our beliefs in oppressive or unfair ways. Yet the history of our faith has shown that Christians in political power very often do exactly that. It is easy to look back at ancient examples of injustice like the crusades and think, “I wouldn’t be part of something like that.” But this is happening now, on our watch.

So the question is: What are we going to do about it? Are we going to turn a blind eye? Or are we as Christians going to speak up and say to the Christians in power in Uganda, “When you take away the basic rights of gay and lesbian people it grieves the heart of the Father and it lessens freedom for all of us.”

Do I believe that Christians should stand up for the teaching of Scripture and moral truth? Yes I do. But how we do it is as much or MORE important than what we teach. If we try to use power to force our beliefs on others, if we take away basic human freedoms from others in trying to proclaim the teaching of the Bible, then we by our actions are unfaithful to that same teaching and have failed.

If you want to know more about how you can speak up against this join the Facebook group

Or follow this link to learn more and find a list of people you can write to, to make your voice heard.


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