I’ll Give You the Sun


I’ll Give You The Sun

Jandy Nelson

This story opens with 13 year old twins, Jude and Noah, who might as well be conjoined they are so close. We initially read this history through the lens of Noah, even though he is clearly the quiet and shy one of the two. When the story flashes forward three years, the POV shifts to Jude, and we find that the twins’ close relationship has had a massive interruption as they barely speak to one another. Along with the twins, the reader is invited to piece the whole story together through both perspectives and shifting time periods, cheering them back into friendship with one another the whole way.

I’ll Give You The Sun is written in flowery romantic prose, and does not win over every reader, but the teens and young adults who love this book do so with great passion. We recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and beautiful stories of sibling love at any age, but the writing might be better understoo