Justice in the Biblical Story

Over the last few months, I had the privilege of joining several other Generous Space community members in auditing a course taught by Sylvia Keesmat entitled “Justice in the Biblical Story” at Wycliffe College. Sylvia, and her partner, Brian Walsh, host our annual Generous Space CampOUT at their farm in Cameron, Ontario. What follows are my reflections on this experience: 

Hunched tightly over the end of an ornate wooden table, surrounded by religious texts and the pale stern portraits of past college presidents, I sit arm and arm with friends. New and old, these friends and I have chosen to go on a journey together through the biblical story to discern what it might reveal about justice.

Our instructor has dirt under her fingernails. Dirt that has nourished the carrot-beet-currant salad and homemade salsa she brings to share with those gathered around this table. Food that in turn nourishes us as we learn and eat together. We begin with scripture, and clumsy/beautiful songs that be