Lenten Reflections – Ash Wednesday

Luke 4: 1 “Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry.”

Lent reminds us that even in death there can be found resurrection.

LGBTQ+ people have encountered a profound sense of death within much of the Christian experience. Messages of shame. Internalized homophobia. Rejection from family. Exclusion from the church. Violence in the name of religion.

But LGBTQ+ siblings in Christ have also practiced the spiritual discipline of pulling on the truth of resurrection. The witness of their faith, their resilience, their persistence, and their security in being Beloved of God shines brightly for those with eyes to see.

A biblical image that helps us to understand the season of Lent is that of Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness. A time of great vulnerability, of temptation to retreat into comfort and privilege, and the long, slow wait for God’s sustenance.

LGBTQ+ people are often well familiar with the wilderness. This Lent we invite you to join them in that place and to choose to lay aside your privilege, welcoming a place of vulnerability.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do you experience or have access to in the church that out LGBTQ+ people might not?

  2. When you think about telling your pastor that you want your church to be more intentional to work towards equitable welcome for LGBTQ+ people, what thoughts and feelings come up?

  3. In what ways are you currently experiencing both death and resurrection in your life?

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