Let's Talk About Sexual Ethics: Part 3

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Last week, I posted a two part reflection (which can be found here and here) as a precursor to the release of this video in which I unpack centred-set sexual ethics. Included in this video are some of the key reflection questions that I invite people to consider if they choose to incorporate this framework.

If centred set sexual ethics are a new concept for you, I encourage you to read the previous posts to help flesh out this way of discerning how to best steward our sexual lives. If you have questions about this approach to sexual ethics, we encourage you to email us for more conversation.

For further reflection – here are the questions I raise in the video:

  • Expression of our sexuality is to be life-giving in our relationship with God, with ourselves, and with others.

  • In the beliefs, values, and practices that you are developing regarding your sexuality, is your relationship with God flourishing?

  • Is your life open to God without hiddenness or shame?

  • Are you flourishing in your acceptance of yourself?

  • Do you feel like you are more and more able to be your true self, discarding personas and self-protective walls?

  • Are you able to experience the healing, the rest, and the confidence of being Beloved of God?

  • Are your relationships with others flourishing?

  • Are you dignifying those around you?

  • Do you find yourself growing in your capacity for self emptying love for others?

  • Are you growing in giving and receiving trust?

Expression of our sexuality is to reflect the image of God.

  • Are we honouring of those we are in intimate relationship with?

  • Do we long to see the other grow, fulfill their calling, be unimpeded in partnering with God?Are we vulnerable, honest, and deeply connected to the other?

  • Are we attuned to the way power is shared, given, received, relinquished, and embodied in our relationships?

Expression of our sexuality is to be marked by fidelity.

  • Do we keep our commitments?

  • Do we persevere, pursue reconciliation and restoration?

  • Do the ones we love feel safe and secure in their relationship with us?

  • Do we embrace fidelity as a gift that humanizes us?

  • Do we recognize how the fidelity in our relationship impacts the community?


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