None of the Above


None of the Above

I.W. Gregorio

None of the Above is a wonderful novel written about a teenager who discovers she’s intersex in her final year of high school, and the fallout that comes with being unwillingly outed to her school. Throughout the story, the reader gets a glimpse into Krissy’s processing of what this means for her gender and her identity, but also gives space for a few other intersex experiences as well. Gregorio is not only a writer but a surgeon as well, and does an incredible job at being true to the biological and medical aspects of sex and gender without losing the narrative or using too much jargon.

I would not recommend this book without a few trigger warnings. The ignorance, hatred and bullying in this book are realistic and intense. Be prepared for some major transphobia and sexism. However, this part of the story is there for a reason, and is a reminder of the cruel world we live in, as well as how ridiculous our gender norms and expectations are. My hope is that everyone who reads this book will grow in empathy and understanding for individuals who find themselves outside either the sex or gender binary.


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