One day till Synchroblog!

The Synchroblog is almost upon us! Tomorrow we will see over 60 different bloggers linking into this website to share their thoughts on how we can best reach across the divides that often separate Christians and LGBT individuals.

Any time you bring that many thinkers together, from so many different places, beliefs and backgrounds there is the chance for conflict. However, we hope that the Synchroblog will be a collection of conversations that encourage people and demonstrate a concrete example of the unity that is possible in the midst of diversity.

With that hope in mind here are a few suggestions to keep in mind as you prepare to post and comment tomorrow:

1) Be Positive! This is an opportunity to generate conversation, share ideas and dream together about something better. It is easy when looking at a problem to focus on what is wrong. It can also be easy to point fingers and blame those you think caused the problem. But we hope the Synchroblog will be a place where people will be able to talk about how to move forward! I look forward to hearing the good things that you are seeing as well as the challenges. I hope to hear stories of what has worked as you have reached out to others who you perhaps don’t agree with. This initiative is a time to dream of what can be, and talk about how to get there.

2) Be Respectful! The staggering diversity of people that we see taking part in this conversation is really encouraging. We have gay and straight, Christians of many different stripes and denominations, as well as individuals who are not Christian but want to join the conversation. Some contributors will have thought and studied and experienced much in journeying with integrating faith and sexuality – other may be less informed but wanting to be part of making a positive contribution. It is safe to say that those posting will not agree on many things. We do ask that everyone who posts or comments be polite, humble and gentle with each other. Approach this as a chance to learn from others rather than one to prove to others how right you are. Avoid attacks on other people and focus instead on putting out your ideas as clearly as possible, and listening to others carefully. Posts that demean, insult or attack others will not be accepted into the Synchroblog.

3) Be Prayerful! While not everyone who is participating identifies as a follower of Christ, we do encourage all to be prayerful and reflective as they they write. For our brothers and sisters in Christ, we encourage you to listen to the guiding of the Spirit and to try to be reflect Jesus in all that you do. We believe that God wants to work through this event and this gathering of contributors. So we ask all Christians involved to be in prayer as you write, as you read, and as you interact with others.

4) Spread the Word! The impact of this synchroblog is limited only by the number of people who get to see it. Remember to link back to this blog and to let your readers know about the larger Synchroblog when you post.

We at New Direction are really excited to see what happens tomorrow and look forward to reading it all and continuing the discussion! See you then!


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