Superheroes, Saviors and Sinners Without Secrets: Untold Twists and Tales of Life on Earth with Chri

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Imagine for a moment a world of superheroes, saviors and everyday sinners without masks, no posing or cover ups, no secrets to be held.

All of us have secrets that we would like to reveal. We have an innate need to understand the dark side of our lives. And every man and woman has desires to connect, to be known by others on a basic human level. D. S. Reade feels this way. He has haunting secrets and can’t help but dream of escaping into a life of hope and closeness with Christ.

Superheroes, Saviors and Sinners without Secrets chronicles Reade’s walk with God on a journey through personal challenge, passion, and purpose. Having survived sexual abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, and secret struggles, Dr. Reade not only unveils his way out of the shadows of these nightmares but also helps others to move through their own darkness and into dreams of deep meaning and eternal impact.


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